Fred de Wit oudste speler van de wereld

Oldest Icehockey player of the world.


Fred de Wit

Fred de Wit, was born on Friday the 18th October in the year 1935 in the city of The Hague / Den Haag

cutout fred kort

The years after the War

After the liberation in 1945, The Canadiens rebuilt the Ice stadium, the icerink was used by the Germans from 1940 til 1945 as stables for horses. The Houtrusthallen luckely became its origianal use back as an icehockey stadium .  Icehockey slowly got its restart. Beside the H.H.IJ.C there was another club , the RYC Pinguins. On 15 October 1947 the two clubs fused.  In the years after that  the name changes in H.H. & Y.C , Y.H.C.Den Haag to eventualy become famous as HIJS HOKY.       The Hague school, an understanding…..

At the age of 11,  Fred started to play the game after beiing on the ice rink in The Hague many times to watch the Canadiens practise on the ice.

Where it al started

Here it was in 1946 were Fred stood in the goal for the first time.. He started to play for the RYC-Pinguins in The Hegue in the D-minors.

The time of its growth time

In 1949 and 1950 H.H.IJ.C. wins the Western Europe Cup for the second and third time. Also in 1949 they win the Tournament for the ” Barbanson Cup ” in Brussel. From 1958 til 1963 The Hague delivers all its players to the Dutch National team. In this period The World Championsship in the B poule were held in Colorado Springs and  Denver, the Netherlands end up fourth place and at World Championsship in the C poule the Netherlands end up on the fifth place.  The tough Hague Core from Stockholm, Arie Klein, Leo van Dijk, Rudi Bakker, Wil van Dommelen, Wil Ooms, Joop Manuel and ofcourse Fred de Wit.

In 1963  HIJS HOKY participates in the International Cup (West-Europa Cup) and become no 1. , beside this Tournament they also played for the  Westfalen Bokaal in Dortmund and also this tournament they end up no 1. Fred is part of this succesfull selection. In 1964 HIJS HOKY playes 30 games 20 homeand 10 away, they stay undefeated.  In those 30 games there are also the games for the  Coupe der Lage Landen (CCL) . The Final was played on Saturday the 17th of Oktober 1964. From 1965-1969 HIJS HOKY became five consecutive years champion in the Dutch 1st and 2nd Division, also champion in the 3rd Division in 1968.

Career over the years

RYC Pinguins van 1946 tot 1947
HH en YC van 1947 tot 1955
YHC Den Haag van 1955 tot 1958
HIJS Hokij van 1958 tot 1964
C.P.L.Luik van 1964 tot 1965
HIJS Hokij van 1965 tot 1967
UIJC Utrecht van 1970 to 1971
Boldoot Utrecht van 1971 to 1972
Old Travelers van 1994 tot 1995
Pubstars Nijmegen 2004 tot 2005
Los Padres utrecht 2005 tot 2009
Pubstars Nijmegen 2009 tot 2011
Nijmegen Gladiators van 2011 tot 2014.

Fred stil stands strong on its 78 years .  fred cutout

We weekly see Fred in Action and his cat-like reflexes a example for young goalies. The Tricks, which he brings on the ice every week, brings an admirable level. Always during a party, he screems and shouts to his defence trying to put them on the right spot to stop the attack in order to prevent goals.

Of course this will not always work and then the goalie has to bring his expertise in action and as the last post always tries to save the team  for receiving a goal against.  Sometimes the oponent scores but many times Fred stil saves the day for his young team members of the Nijmegen Gladiators and too often with very positive result.

Every year we organize our own Internationally oriented, Nijmegen Gladiators Icehockey Tournament in March. Partisipating teams from England, France, Belgium, Germany, Finland etc. During these matches, 8 in total spread over two days, we have a rule, that any punishment that is handed out by the referee is punishable by a penalty shot.

As the only Goalie Fred keeps the puck out of his goal. During a penalty shot he stands up till the last moment and the so prevents the puck touching the net. Younger goalies almost everytime move to quickly or go down to the ice and so the player scores.  RESPECT  

Fred is  is not thinking of quiting the game he loves so much, so we will meet him at our annual Tournament in 2014 as  the Oldest Player / Goalie in the World !! ”